30.09.2011: YOC implements rebranding: ubiyoo becomes YOC Performance Network

YOC, Europe’s leading mobile technology and media provider, today announced that ubiyoo, its performance mobile advertising network, has been rebranded and re-launched as YOC Performance Network (, to create a key segment of YOC’s overall mobile advertising offering.


ubiyoo’s transition to YOC Performance Network is part of a wider group strategy of having appropriate advertising networks to provide a complete suite of mobile advertising services to support our clients in their branding needs and generation of sales. This change will enable the YOC mobile advertising team to better respond to the changing needs of brands and media agencies, as well as offering local expertise, choice and flexibility.


“As performance marketing has become an essential part of brands’ advertising strategies, we know that local knowledge and expert understanding of each market is paramount,” said Andrés Lozano Sañudo, Group Director, YOC Mobile Advertising. “We’re seeing an increased demand for localized campaigns alongside the traditional multi-market approach. By integrating the ubiyoo business into the rest of the YOC mobile advertising offering, we can offer our customers the local market knowledge and expertise they need, using our unrivalled European network to deliver more to brands and agencies, helping them to grow reach and drive sales.”


YOC Performance Network is a web-based, self-service tool for advertising on mobile phones that enables advertisers to create and manage their mobile campaigns, and publishers and developers to monetise their mobile inventory. It brings advert and inventory together on the mobile internet based on a variable price system, offering advertisers the opportunity to efficiently place ads on the basis of auction CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per mile) price models that can be determined individually. Adverts can be targeted by country, mobile network, handset type, time of day or theme of mobile webpage, such as news, sports or social networking site.


YOC Performance Network is driven by YOC’s AdServer technology which powers the optimised delivery of advertising tools as well as offering comprehensive real time reporting and numerous analysis options as a direct way to optimise campaigns and increase turnover. Advertisers are guaranteed delivery of the campaigns with the highest click through rates and cost per mile to enable them to generate optimum performance.


For more information about YOC Performance Network and its rebranding, please feel free to contact or register on our YOC Performance Network self-service platform (

05.08.2011: Meet YOC Performance @ dmexco 2011

Dmexco 2011


Visit us at dmexco 2011, held in Cologne from September 21-22, at hall 8 booth E-031!


The overall theme for the dmexco 2011 is reflecting the dramatic trends and developments in marketing, advertising and media combined with the increased complexity and interactivity in our daily business.


The dmexco Conference is the digital driven "must attend" event, focusing on business relevant content and debates and considering all varieties of marketing and media channels. The agenda will showcase dynamic speakers and leaders from a broad range of companies in top-class strategic, visionary discussions about creative excellence, digital innovations, advertising trends, media optimisation, customer relationship, content rules to efficient communication and future business models. In-depth sessions covering the industry`s key growth areas will be featured on the various conference stages.


25.07.2011: ubiyoo restructures pricing

ubiyoo announces simplified pricing and massive cuts in minimum prices. From July 2011 ubiyoo will offer just two price models: a price for customers from Europe and a price for customers outside of Europe.


European customers of the ubiyoo self-service platform pay a minimum CPC rate of EUR 0.05 and a CPM rate of EUR 1.00 for mobile advertising tools. The CPC rate for countries outside of Europe is EUR 0.03 and the CPM rate is EUR 0.50.


Adjusted auction-based pricing will give fresh impetus to the competition for placing ad banners on the ubiyoo market place. Currently, ubiyoo serves more than 1.3 billion ad impressions per month. ubiyoo expects that the new pricing structure will increase the number of advertisers, generate higher revenues and provide higher fill rates for the advertising space of the mobile websites and applications of the publishers.


For more information about ubiyoo and its new pricing, please feel free to contact or register on our ubiyoo self-service platform (

16.06.2011: ubiyoo releases SDK for Android

After the successful release of the SDK for iOS, ubiyoo has launched its SDK for Android.

ubiyoo’s Android SDK enables high quality banner display on Android applications. The implementation is quick and simple. Once integrated, publishers and developers will have a choice of categories as well as several filter functions available to them on the ubiyoo platform (

As an alternative to paid downloads, developers are able to generate revenue by displaying ads from ubiyoo on their mobile applications. Developers are able to take advantage of the enormous growth over the last two and a half years of Google’s Android OS. There are now over 100 million activated Android devices, and 400,000 new Android devices are activated every day.1

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

19.01.2011: YOC - Successful financial year 2010 and great prospects for 2011

YOC, Europes leading mobile technology and mobile media company, is very pleased with the development of the company in the financial year 2010. The Group achieved its objectives, both in terms of quantity and quality. YOC expects to see accelerated sales growth in the current financial year.

Developments in 2010

In the financial year 2010, the Group attracted the highest number of new customers in company history. In addition to new customer business, YOC also succeeded in extending existing customer relations. As a result, YOC is expected to achieve a turnover of about € 30.5 million and to meet revenue forecasts. This means an above average increase in the operating result on a year-to-year basis.

In the fourth quarter of 2010, YOC generated an estimated operating cash flow of about EUR 1.0 million. Dirk Kraus, CEO of the YOC Group, says: "We are happy that the measures taken as part of the group-wide working capital programme have resulted in the sustainable strengthening of our liquidity. The consistent continuation of the programme will further encourage this trend in the current financial year 2011."

The greatest success in terms of quality is the further development of YOCs in-house developed technology platform and the international launch of the YOC Ad Plus product. YOCs innovative mobile advertising format revolutionised the mobile advertising market in Europe. Many customers have already started using the YOC Ad Plus Europe-wide, such as Wilkinson, Coca-Cola, Ford, SAP, Continental, Vodafone, and Austrian Airlines.

Prospects for 2011

YOC expects the currently booming business to grow even further in the financial year 2011. This strong demand is driven by external factors, such as general business trends and the increasing relevance of the mobile channel as an advertising and communication tool, and by internal factors such as the continuous development of innovative products. It was only last week that YOC launched the YOC Smart Web App, which is again an innovative product that sets new international standards for mobile internet solutions. Against this background, the company expects to see accelerated sales growth of about 20-25% in the current financial year.

Meet ubiyoo @ M-DAYS 2011 in Frankfurt/Main

 Booth G 01

European biggest congress-trade-fair in mobile - „M-Days“ reflects all facets of the mobile market development. It will take place on 27th & 28th January, 2011 in Germany. Top-Speakers from all over the world will present key insights.

Meet ubiyoo @ dmexco 2010

Booth 08/C064


ubiyoo @ demexco

The dmexco is the leading international event for everyone working in the global digital marketing and media industry. The future of marketing lies in digital, and through its unique combination of an impressive exhibition and cutting-edge conference programme, the event therefore brings together innovative and progressive thinking for this significant growth market. Because today’s marketing is digital!

Specifically focusing on advertising, creativity, branding, relevance and efficiency, dmexco provides marketers, publishers, advertisers and agencies with bundled branch know-how, as well as current trends and innovations. Trade visitors, exhibitors and guests from all over the world will profit from dmexco’s capacity as the customer and brand-oriented no. 1 branch meeting place. The dmexco is thus the cross-media and transnational central hub for the digital industry and as such it becomes the “place of answers”.

Held in Cologne from September 15-16, dmexco 2010 – which is free of charge for trade visitors – will see over 300 exhibitors and around 14,000-15,000 visitors come together, making it THE event for the global digital marketing industry.



18.05.2010: The YOC Group achieves highest quarterly turnover and highest operating result in company history

In the first quarter of 2010, the YOC Group generated the highest quarterly turnover and highest operating result in company history. With provisional turnover of EUR 8.0 million, the company reported an increase of 32% compared to the first quarter of the previous year. This is an increase of about 5% on the successful previous quarter Q4/2009 and a 24% increase on the average quarterly turnover in the fiscal year 2009. The provisional operating profit of the YOC Group was about EUR 0.8 million. This is the highest operating result since the YOC Group was established.

The development seen by the YOC Group in the first quarter of 2010 is based on the general growth of the mobile marketing market and the ability of the YOC Group to reap above-average benefits from this growth. Both core segments of the YOC Group, mobile marketing and affiliate marketing, saw a significant increase in turnover of 42% and 15% compared to the first quarter of the previous year.

Taking also into account the growing popularity of smartphones, the rising number of mobile internet flat rate offers and the attention-grabbing market launches of new handsets such as Apples iPad, it is safe to say that the mobile future of the advertising market was sustainably strengthened in the first quarter of 2010.

The YOC Group is ideally positioned for this strong market growth. Our full-service mobile marketing offer, the expansion of mobile premium marketing to include the blind advertising network ubiyoo, our presence on European core markets and our leading technologies to develop mobile marketing solutions are all reasons to expect an above-average participation in market growth.

In the first quarter of 2010, YOCs many years of experience won the company many new customers. YOCs customer portfolio now includes renowned companies and brands such as Air Berlin, Vorwerk, Milka, ORF, Warsteiner, Unilever, Sony Ericsson, Praktiker and Media Saturn. In addition to our new customer business, the YOC Group also succeeded in extending existing customer relations.

"The first quarter of 2010 was the quarter with the highest turnover and highest operating result in company history and got us off to a great start to the new financial year. Taking into account both external and internal parameters, we are very confident that we will be able to continue this development in the quarters to come. Our unique technology and our strong capacity for innovation will enable us to continue to consistently scale our business", says Dirk Kraus, CEO of YOC AG.

In the upcoming months YOC intends to further continue following its course for growth by consistently scaling its core business areas.

The introduction of SAP throughout the Group in the first quarter of 2010 and the need for extensive adaptation of the software solution to the corporate profile of the YOC Group led to delays in preparation of the quarterly financial statements. In order to guarantee its normal data standards, the YOC Group is publishing provisional figures for the first quarter of 2010 today and will be presenting the final figures for the first quarter of 2010 on 10 June 2010 at the latest.

18.01.2010: YOC launches international market place for mobile advertising: “ubiyoo“

Last Thursday, YOC, the provider of Europe’s largest mobile premium marketing network, launched the international mobile advertising market place “ubiyoo”. Thus the company closed the gap between CPM-based and purely performance-based marketing, offering its customers from now on the entire range of mobile marketing solutions on a global basis.

The blind ad network “ubiyoo” ( is a globally designed, self-service technology platform that brings advertisers and publishers together on the mobile internet on the basis of a variable price system.

This network gives advertisers the opportunity to efficiently place ads on the mobile internet on the basis of a CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per mille) price model that can be determined individually. The greatest benefit is the high media penetration and the various targeting options, e.g. by country, mobile network operator, end device, time or theme channel (communities, sports, news, etc.).

“ubiyoo“ helps publishers monetise their mobile websites quickly and easily. The advanced AdServer technology developed by YOC AG enables optimised delivery of advertising tools. This system also guarantees to the publishers the delivery of the best-performing campaigns. These are the campaigns with the highest click through rates and a high CPC, thus generating high turnover.

“ubiyoo” has been well-positioned internationally right from the start. There are publishers from Europe, North and South America, Australia, Asia and South Africa. The “ubiyoo” market place also set out with a high media penetration, receiving more than 1 billion ad requests.
It is extremely user-friendly and guarantees high-quality advertising tools. “ubiyoo” also offers comprehensive real time reporting and numerous analysing options as a direct way to optimise campaigns and increase turnover. This makes “ubiyoo” stand out from competing blind ad networks.

“With the “ubiyoo“ ad network, we created a highly scalable technological platform, which is the perfect addition to our existing mobile advertising portfolio”, says Dirk Kraus, CEO of YOC AG, adding that the number of mobile internet portals is dramatically increasing. According to him, YOC has set new standard in the market by developing marketing strategies for higher media penetration, thus strengthening its position in the international mobile advertising business.

YOC AG has been developing mobile solutions for eight years by now, acting as a trailblazer in the mobile marketing business.

06.01.2010: Meet ubiyoo at M-Days congress-fair in Munich

Booth A02

M-Days 2010 - The congress-fair, 28-29th of January

The M-Days is the largest congress-fair for mobile communication, sale and content solutions. In 2010 the M-Days occurs once again in the BMW-Welt in Munich and expand the success of the last year:
The M-Days will be even more international and integrate the Eastern Europe. Due to its accomplished combination of an expert congress, trade and publication (GFM  Nachrichten) the two-day M-Days provide an ideal networkingplatform for telekommunication, trade, advertising, brands and media. The participants can catch up on the newest trends from the mobile industry, on the current state and on future perspectives of the mobile communication channel.
The expert congress in 2010 will be expanded to three simultaneous series of lectures, of which one will be presented in English. Besides the congress, on the open fair stage will be presented a special series of lectures for all visitors of the trade fair.

10.12.2009: Increase your iPhone App downloads through efficient mobile advertising.

Set up your iPhone campaign right now and increase your downloads. ubiyoo monthly iPhone ad request is growing rapidly.
App Store rankings are primarily based on the total number of downloads over a short period of time. Getting ranked is critical to the success of your app and the only way users will download your app in large numbers. So don’t hesitate and set up your iPhone campaign right now. Use our advanced iPhone targeting to reach your audience.



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